Health, Safety & Environment

Carbonex’s business is built on a foundation of responsible execution, centred around protecting the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and the general public. Far beyond just our construction team and crew, we embrace a collaborative culture of health and safety where all levels of workers; from Senior Management through to our sub-contractors, are dedicated to ensuring a safe return home when each day is done. Taking safety seriously, it is our goal to minimize our workers’ exposure to the risks and hazards associated with our operation.

We believe complete and active participation by all individuals is essential in reaching our standards of excellence. At Carbonex, management supports the coordination of our HSE programs and distributes the guiding principles among all workers and contractors on the job site. Our initiatives adhere to all government legislation and regulations, client requirements and internal processes and procedures. We strive to surpass regulations in all aspects of our operations.


Carbonex provides quality without question because we believe exceeding expectations is the only approach. Aiming to closely align with your business goals, rigorous attention to quality is embedded in our culture. The goal of our passionate team is to produce work they are proud to put their name on. Our extensive Quality Management Program includes both quality assurance and quality control. Striving to meet the needs of users today and in the future, we build the above regulation to ensure you get quality you can count on.