An Emphasis on Safety

"Safety is an extremely important factor in our line of business. Carbonex Contractors takes pride in our ability to provide a safe environment for our employees as well as provide them the tools and proper education to deem them competent and prevent any type of accidents. Our slogan is "Carbonex is a Safety Company that does Construction on the side".
  • Competency training and sign off
  • FLHA or Field Level Hazard Assessment
  • JSA or Job Safety Analysis
  • ComplyWorks Certified
  • ISN Safety
  • Pre and post trip inspections
  • Weekly Safety Audits
  • Near Miss Reports
  • Equipment Inspections
  • Monthly Company Safety Meetings


Piping Fabrication

Structural Steel Fabrication

Plant Maintenance/Turnarounds

Piping Fabrication
Structural Steel Fabrication
Plant Maintenance / Turnarounds
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